Friday, 2 March 2018

Reading for Year 1/2 Students

Parent/Carer Reading
This term the Year 1/2 classrooms will be opening at 8:50am for reading. Parents/carers are welcome to enjoy a book or two with their children from this time until our morning music ends at 9:00am.

Home Reading
Each child will have brought home 5 books today. Students are encouraged to enjoy these books with their families and return them at any time the following week. Students will swap their books on the same day that they return their pouch (there is not one specific day for the change over). If your child needs more frequent swapping of books this could be done with your child in the morning reading time.

On the back of this note is a reading log (see below) for the month of March. We would love to see how much reading each child is doing – please encourage your child to return this reading log on Friday 30 March so they can share their reading journey with the class. A new reading log will be sent home at the end of each month.

If you have any questions or concerns please see your child’s class teacher.

 ** Please note Maths Games  are only swapped on FRIDAYS (borrowing starts next week)


  1. Thank you for the info and for opening up the classroom to us in the morning :)