Tuesday, 4 December 2018

An Adventure in the Land of Dreams
This year, in the Land of Dreams, the 1/2 students wrote a story based on
our class names. Each class had an opportunity to contribute to the story,
which then became our end of year performance. Enjoy!

Once, in a far away land called The Land of Dreams, there
were two pixies riding on the back of a huge phoenix.
Suddenly, a dragon appeared with a Gnome on its back.
Gnome said in a worried voice, “Unicorn is hurt. We left Elf with
her! Please help us!”

They set off to find Unicorn and Elf as fast as Dragon and
Phoenix wings could carry them. They finally found Unicorn
laying under a willow tree, her leg badly hurt.

It was too dark and misty for them to go on. “We’ll have to camp
here for the night” said Dragon. The others slept while Elf kept
look out. The tall dark trees loomed all around them and Elf
could hear scratching noises. Suddenly, from under the bushes
there came a flurry of tiny goblins. The goblins surrounded him
and began teasing and taunting him. Dragon and Phoenix flew
high in the sky and scared the goblins away. They were safe.
At sunrise the glistening light shone through the enchanted
forest and Unicorn pricked up her ears. “Everyone! Did you hear
that?” she whispered. The others could hear the music, it
seemed to be close. “We’ll climb this hill and take a look” said
Gnome and The Pixies. When they got to the top they couldn’t
believe their eyes! There before them sat the most amazing
castle they had ever seen.

The Dream Team worked together to carry Unicorn towards the
castle, across the rickety drawbridge and through the enormous
heavy castle doors. The mesmerising music drew them further
into the castle.

All of a sudden they saw a glimmer of light. There, before them,
was a red, glowing rose, with the dreamy music calling them
closer. Unicorn outstretched his horn and poked it into the rose.
Immediately he felt the pain leave his body. He gleefully called,
“It’s a healing rose!”

The Dream Team all cheered and danced with joy, celebrating
together in the enchanted castle.
They travelled home and lived happily ever after...
in the Land of Dreams.


  1. I am so excited.

  2. Congratulations on an amazing perfomance, you all looked like you had a great time! Well done to all the teachers and helpers for their efforts and choreography especially with SO many kids!! - Larisa McLennan

  3. I loved the poforments it was amazing!My favourite song was ant on moutan high enough becuase I was at the front!My favourite picher was the pixies.

  4. This means it is Neely the end of the year.OMG😣😣😣😣😣I loved this year I am sad to leave year2.love Hannah lehoczky