Thursday, 4 July 2019

Toys, Toys, Toys!!!

On Wednesday, we shared our special toys from home. We worked in small groups, where we answered the questions:

1. What it is?
2. What it is made from?
3. Where it is played with?
4. Has this toy changed over time?

We then got to play with our toys.

Have a look at some of our toys....

What is your favourite toy?

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Fine Motor

Year 1 participate in daily Fine Motor rotations where they build strength in their fingers and hands. This helps us with our writing control and stamina.

Some of the fine motor activities include: cutting and gluing, nuts and bolts, cotton balls with chop sticks, tracing, pick up sticks, weaving, pegging, scrunching, pin pricking, drawing, lacing, peg board, playdough, sticking, spinning tops, paper clips, stencils, handwriting and elastics. We try to change the activities throughout the term. We also use this time to promote our SCARF values- encouraging students to be working as a team with set up and pack up of the activity. Students are  improving their oral language skills as well as they talk to their team mates about the activity.

Take a look at some of our students participating in a rotation.



 Cotton balls with chopsticks

 Pin pricking



 Cutting and gluing



 Nuts and bolts

 Sand/kinetic sand

 Peg board



 Spinning tops


 Paper clips




What is your favourite fine motor rotation? Do you do any fine motor activities at home?

End of Term Celebrations

Bring a toy to school- Wednesday 3/7/19

Movie – Toy Story 1 DVD (G)- Friday 5/7/19

Dear Parents/Carers,

This term in our History unit we have been investigating toys from the past and present. On Wednesday 3rd July we are inviting students to bring in one toy each to share with the class and answer some questions about. We will discuss things like:  What it is? What it is made from? Where it is played with? Has this toy changed over time? These toys will need to be brought into the classroom on Wednesday morning and handed to the teacher. They will only be used for the inquiry lesson and not allowed to leave the classroom during recess and lunch. Toys will be returned to students in the afternoon to be taken home.

On Friday the 5th July we will be watching the film ‘Toy Story’. This viewing activity is a fun way to celebrate the end of a busy term, and revisit what we have learnt in our History unit about toys from the past, present and how they have changed over time.

Please contact us should you have any concerns about your child viewing this DVD so an alternative activity can be offered.

We appreciate your continued support,

Sue Whitney, Brooke Sinclair, Brooke Hall, Laura Vernon and Belle Hayes


Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Fresh Tastes Lunch Order

This week it is the Steg's and Raptor's turn to come up with a Healthy Lunch order. We discussed what foods were healthy (green food) and what might be a nice meal to have in cooler weather. The students brainstormed some ideas and then we voted on our favourite meal. We also had to decide on a name for our meal, design a poster and chat to Kerri about the price.

We ended up going with:

The Jurassic Feast
Omnivore Roast Chicken with peas, carrots, potatoes, pumpkin, corn and gravy.
Dino Bite: Cookie
Hot Milo Stomp

If you would like to try our delicious meal, please order one at Kerri's Kitchen in week 8 & 9.

Friday, 7 June 2019

Writing Wizards from the Land of Year 1!

Year 1 have been sharpening their writing and editing skills this term. 

We are learning that a Super Story Opener includes who, what, where and when.

It is  important to reread our writing and change any spelling or punctuation mistakes. 

A sentence must:

  • make sense,
  • have finger spaces,
  • start with a capital letter,
  • end with a full stop (or ! ?). 

We are working to BUMP UP our sentences by including interesting verbs or adjectives

Take a look at us working with a buddy, reading and editing our writing. 

Friday, 24 May 2019

Health: Fresh Tastes

Last Friday, as part of our Health unit we discussed how to be healthy. We learned that we should be eating 3-5 serves of vegetables a day. We started taste testing some green vegetables. Here are some of our photos from the day. 

"My favourite vegetable was lettuce" Leo

"My favourite vegetable was the cucumbers" Lucy

"My favourite vegetable was lettuce and snow peas" Scarlett

"My favourite vegetable was cucumber!" Eva
My favourite vegetable was the brussel sprouts!" Riley
My favourite vegetable was the cucumbers" Jimmy
Our Master Chefs at work!!!

Today we made a healthy sandwich. Students got to pick from grated carrot, grated cheese, lettuce, cucumber, ham or chicken. They had fun chosing their sandwich fillings.

What was your favourite sandwich filler?