Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Market Day

Today we all enjoyed a fun filled Market Day hosted by the wonderful 5/6 students.
We enjoyed eating cupcakes, having our hair braided, getting tattoos, having nails painted, playing games, winning prizes and so much more. Thank you to the 5/6 students who did a fantastic job, everyone had a blast.

Here is a snap of year 1LV and year 1BH after a fab morning.

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Happy 40th Birthday Fraser Primary School

Today we celebrated Fraser Primary School turning 40. So much has happened over the last 40 years that has made our school extra special. Students came to school with bright smiles and a great sense of style today, as they dressed up to celebrate 40 years of this amazing school.

 Here are just a few examples of the great fashion sense students today think we had 40 years ago. 




    Some students showed their creativity with their costumes.


What was your favourite part of the 40th birthday celebrations?

Saturday, 26 October 2019

Term 4 Overview

It is great to have everyone looking refreshed and ready for the final term in Year 1. The following is an overview of learning programs for Term 4.

Upcoming Events:
Week 3 Monday 28 October - school photos
Week 3 Wednesday 30 October - 40th Birthday celebrations for students
Week 3 Friday 1 November - 40th Birthday Assembly 9:20am
Week 7 Thursday 28 November - End of Year Celebration concert
Week 9 Friday 13 December - Year 1 Water Fun Day
Week 10 Tuesday 17 December - Moving Up Day
Week 10 Thursday 19 December - Last day of School 2019 

Morning Reading-  We would love to encourage parents and carers into the classroom to
share a story with their children - the classroom doors are opened at 8:50am most mornings.

For the first three weeks this term, we will again be discussing how characters in texts are
developed. We will look at what the author does to tell us more about their characters, what
words do they use, how do the other characters describe them, what do the illustrations tell
us about the character?
In writing we will be comparing characters and sharing our personal preferences for the
characters in books we have read and discussed.
In weeks 4, 5 and 6 will will revisit non fiction texts, exploring the features of these texts and
learning strategies to help us when reading and writing non fiction texts.
In reading we will continue to learn about strategies we can use to help us decode unknown words.
We always encourage children to think about what would make sense when they are
attempting unknown words. Some other strategies we use in class are:
Skip the word and then come back to it.
Chunking - split the words into smaller parts, or two smaller words 
Use the beginning and ending sounds 
Flip the sound - try another sound the letter/s make
Stretch the word out. Blend the sounds together
Think of a word that makes sense

We are keen for students to return their reading pouches as often as possible so that they can
change their books and continue to practice reading to an adult at home.

In writing we will continue to focus on pit stopping. During pitstopping we ask students to
check their writing for the correct use of capital letters, full stops, nouns, verbs and adjectives.
We have also exposed students to recrafting, where students either change, add or remove
words and are encouraged to use a range of punctuation to improve their writing. Spelling is
integrated into all literacy lessons and is a particular focus during Word Work sessions. 

Fine Motor - The development of finger and hand strength as well as writing stamina are still
essential skills for our students (even with the influence of keyboards and screens!) Students
participate in regular fine motor rotations. These may include beading, tweezers, balling paper,
playdough, tying shoe laces, pegging etc 

Mighty Maths - In term 4, we will revisit skip counting by 2, 5 and 10 starting from zero
and working towards 100. In place value we will continue to work on being able to recognise,
model, read, write and order numbers to at least 100.
We will also revisit our work on addition and subtraction. In Year 1 our goal is to have quick recall
of friends to ten facts, doubles, near doubles and adding 10 to any number. We use our
knowledge of addition facts to assist us in solving subtraction problems.

Maths Extra - these lessons generally cover concepts in measurement and geometry.
This term we will explore:

Telling time (BER) - reading o'clock and half past times on analogue and digital clocks

Money (Unit 1)- recognising, describing and ordering Australian coins according to their value.
Students will be involved in activities which help them understand that the value of
Australian coins is not related to size, and to describe the features of coins that make it
possible to identify them

Capacity - students will be involved in comparing the capacity of pairs of objects using
informal units. We have a particular focus on understanding that to compare capacities
you must use the same unit of measurement.

Science Inquiry - Our Science inquiry this term is Schoolyard Safari. We will explore the school
grounds looking for small animals to help us learn about what animals require from their
habitats to help them survive. Students have brought home a 'backyard safari' sheet which is to
be completed for week 4 & 5 Talk Time sessions.

Technologies-  This term we explore both design technology and digital technologies.
In design technologies we create solutions to fit a design criteria - it usually involves boxes,
paddlepop sticks and lots of tape! Digital technologies involve developing skills and
exploring and using digital systems for publishing information, or creating illustrations (we
do this in Google Draw). 

The Arts - This term we will continue to work on creating our end of year concert item. We are
looking forward to all the moving and grooving to come...

Marvellous Mondays - a range of other skills and content is addressed during our
Monday rotations with specialist teachers. Our rotations include:
Library (remember Library bags for borrowing)

Performing Arts

There will be a small change to these rotations from Week 6 - 10 this term. We will
advise closer to the date of any change in Library borrowing times.

Friday, 18 October 2019

Welcome to Term 4!

What a busy week in The Land Before Time this week! We have been reading, writing, counting, spelling and looking for bugs...just to name a few things! 

An exciting addition this week has been our School Blues SCARF Values Recognition. 

This week awards have been given to students who have demonstrated SUPPORT, in the classroom or on the playground. Keep an eye on the TV in the Canteen area to see who has been a supportive hero this week. 

How have you shown support this week at home? Have you supported by:

  • setting the table,
  • keeping your bedroom tidy,
  • feeding your pet or
  • helping a family member with a problem?
 I supported my Mum last week by helping her in her garden. I held the large Jasmine plant upright while she put soil around it. It felt amazing to help my mother.

Let us know the ways you have supported at home this week. 

Monday, 14 October 2019

Fraser Facebook Page

Welcome back to Term 4! Fraser Primary School has started its own facebook page. Make sure you check it out.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Awesome Art Show

It was wonderful to see all our hard work on display in the Hall last week for the Awesome Art Show. We hope you had the chance to look at some of the spectacular art works students from across the school have created. Here a few pics of the Year 1 contributions.

Which art creation did you most enjoy making?

Friday, 13 September 2019

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) - Team Work Skills

During SEL lessons (Social and Emotional Learning) year 1 have been learning about team work.

Here are some team work words we came up with:







problem solving,

working together and 

looking out for each other...

just to name a few.

In teams we created posters to show what team work looks like in the classroom and on the playground.

Some teams divided their sheet into sections to draw their idea. Other teams took turns to illustrate their joint idea one at a time. Another team had assigned roles as drawer, scribe and colouring expert.


How have you shown team work this week?